Vi hjälper människor och organisationer att utvecklas.

We help people and organisations to develop

Extraordinary business results are created when organisations and people continuously thrive and develop. Motivation and commitment are essential to business success. With more than 25 years in international business, we have profound experience in developing people and organisations, as well as driving change and culture management processes. We have offices in Göteborg, Sweden as well as in Munich, Germany and work with both national and international clients.

We offer everything from individual coaching to complete programs for business and organisation development.
We build on the Action Learning methodology whereby people work and learn together by tackling real issues, reflecting on their actions and creating results.

We deliver organisation, team and individual development solutions customised to your needs and in dialogue with your people. Here’s what we can do for you:


Organisation and Business Development

Organisation and Business Development are approached through our Action Learning Program, with which we create focus and support for your most important business projects. Action Learning tackles problems through a process of first asking questions to clarify the exact nature of the problem, reflecting and identifying possible solutions, and only then taking action. Questions build group dialogue, generate innovative and systems thinking, and enhance learning and business results.

Change Management strategies and support are offered when businesses and organisations are facing new and different demands and expectations, where managers and employees have to deal with the stress change does create. We offer everything from a one day seminar to a full transformation process.

Culture and Company Values can benefit from the excellent processes and tools we have available to support your transformation. We build on extensive experience in global settings to manage culture and company values.

Leadership development programs are available, customised for first line managers to executive levels.


Team and Individual Support

Development of leadership teams and/or individual leader coaching creates successful results and a sustainable leadership culture.

Team development provides support when you are facing new challenges, integrating new team members or just want to become even better.

100 Days Program – As everyone knows, the first 100 days is when the success of a new leader is established, or not. We provide individual leader support for a new head of an organisation, or someone who needs to step up.
With this program, you will be guided and supported through the difficult phases of leadership to create a motivated and committed workforce.

Career development, to get “the right person in the right place at the right time”, is support offered as individual career coaching or development programs to assist employees in taking responsibility for their own careers and future development.

HR expertise, development and support in HR matters is available to small and medium size organisations and businesses.


Who we are

Lena Bexell

Lena has extensive experience in leading HR roles and as an internal consultant for Volvo, Mölnlycke and SCA Hygiene.

Lena has always worked closely with businesses and been part of management teams both in Sweden and internationally. She has worked with all kinds of HR matters and participated in building the HR Department at Mölnlycke. Lena has experience in creating and implementing management and leadership development solutions.
Talent management and employer branding are also areas of strong competence. She has worked on business and organisation development through the Action Learning Program.

Lena is a certified ICF coach and has a Psychosynthesis diploma.

Carina Melander

Carina has many years of experience in international, operational and strategic HR roles. She has been a member of senior management teams and responsible for international HR organisations.

Carina has extensive experience in leading change processes and multicultural projects. She has an exceptional understanding of business and is an appreciated HR Business Partner to leaders on all levels. Carina has organisational and leadership development experience in international settings.

Carina is a certified ICF coach and fluent in both English and German.